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Anna Shendik


Founded in 2013 by team of specialists. We provide full business support for legal entities and required support & protection for individuals. At our company, we pride ourselves on our commitment to a personalized approach for each and every client we serve. We firmly believe that understanding the unique aspects of our clients’ businesses is paramount to providing tailored solutions that truly make a difference.

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A successful company

Kidnes was highly rated as Edukas Eesti Ettevõte in 2024.

Kidnes OÜ is not just a choice of another accounting service. It is a solution that opens the door for your business to a world of financial clarity and legal certainty.

That's why the choice should fall on us

Personalized approach

We know that every business is unique. So, instead of one-size-fits-all solutions, we offer customized advice and services that are precisely tailored to your needs.

Wide range of services

From accounting to legal advice, we cover all aspects necessary to run a successful business in Estonia, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Expertise and experience

Our team consists of highly qualified professionals with 15 years of experience, who have in-depth knowledge of accounting, taxation and law. This ensures that your business is in safe hands.

Transparency and honesty

We value the trust of our clients and always act openly and honestly, ensuring full transparency of all processes and decisions.

Training and support

Kidnes not only provides services, but also shares knowledge through specialized accounting training programs, enabling you and your team to become more competent and self-sufficient in financial and management matters.