Accounting programs in Estonia: Features and Advantages

In this article, we will look at a variety of accounting programs offered on the Estonian market. Business requires efficient accounting and analysis of financial data, and choosing the right accounting software becomes a strategic step for every company. We will look at popular solutions that have a variety of functionalities and are customized to meet the needs of different types of business.

In today’s world, where business processes are becoming increasingly complex and dynamic, effective bookkeeping is critical to the success of businesses. Accurate record keeping and analysis of financial data not only ensures compliance with legal requirements, but also helps companies make informed strategic decisions.

Every company, regardless of size and line of business, strives to optimize its operations and manage resources. After all, it is effective accounting of expenses and revenues, human resources management and planning of financial flows that allow to predict the future more accurately and minimize risks.

An accounting program simplifies the tasks of accountants. In this context, the choice of accounting software becomes a strategic decision. Software that meets the company’s needs and integrates into its business processes contributes to effective financial management and ensures the relevance and reliability of reporting.

When choosing a program, it is crucial to consider the specifics of your business. Flexible customizations tailored to individual needs will ensure the best results. It’s also important to focus on the ease of use and reliability of the solution to ensure smooth operation and minimize potential errors.

Ultimately, choosing an accounting software is not just an investment in technology, but a strategic step towards business success in a rapidly changing world.

Features such as ease of implementation, customization for your company, support for the necessary languages, and networking capabilities make choosing a program even more strategic. The right software solution simplifies accounting operations, optimizes accounting processes and ensures reliable data storage.

Modern accounting programs offer extensive functionality, data integration, ease of use and compliance with legislation.

A list of some popular accounting programs that can be used in Estonia:

Merit Tarkvara – is a cloud-based software designed for income and expense accounting, payroll calculation, tax planning and reporting. Various versions of the program are provided, including free and paid options.

SimplBooks – is an online accounting program. Flexible multi-lingual accounting platform, ability to work with the program in several languages including English, Russian, Finnish and Estonian. Free trial period.

SmartAccounts – is an online accounting platform. The program provides tools to record income and expenses, generate invoices and manage financial transactions. Free trial period.

e-arveldaja – accounting program for small businesses. Designed to work with clients, create invoices, calculate payroll, generate and submit reports. It can be used by businesses themselves or by authorized persons (e.g. accountants) and is free for the first year.

Directo –software for accounting, payroll, human resources, sales, warehousing and logistics, project management, manufacturing and business process management.

1C: Accounting – accounting software with extensive capabilities for accounting, financial analysis and reporting. It can be used in organizations engaged in any form of commercial activity. The interfaces are in Russian and Estonian.

ERPLY Books – the program provides a wide range of tools to help you effectively manage your finances, keep accounting records and analyze business processes.

Joosep5 – provides a full range of functions for financial, accounting, production and warehouse management. The program provides flexible options for configuring access for different users. The program includes functionality for sending payments to the bank and importing bank statements. It is suitable for both manufacturing and trading companies, as well as for companies providing services.

Banqup – is an online service for electronic invoicing and accounting. Invoices can be created and sent, received and paid, and archived. There is digitization of checks and invoices.

Standard Books – Accounting and financial management program. Helps you keep track of income and expenses, create reports and manage customers and suppliers. Suitable for both sole traders and small to medium sized companies.

Eeva – provides solutions for various business areas, automatically generates all necessary reports and appendices for the annual report and can be directly sent to the commercial register, built-in support for Russian, Estonian, English, Finnish, German, Latvian, Lithuanian languages.

Briox – is an accounting software specifically designed for micro-entrepreneurs. This program provides the tools necessary for efficient bookkeeping and financial management in small businesses. A variety of features for tax accounting, payroll calculations, financial transaction management and reporting to meet local legal requirements.

Tresoor – is a software solution designed for small and medium-sized businesses. The platform provides tools for both accountants and managers to manage finances and business processes. It has functions for working with tax reporting.

Profit – is an accounting program with functions of income and expense accounting, payroll, financial analysis, report generation, and multi-user support. Offers cloud and on-premises versions suitable for a variety of commercial and non-commercial activities.

Most programs provide a free trial period, allowing users to choose the right solution for their needs.

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